Working with established partners and associates that include Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, SEA Ltd, MAAS, SMT Consultancies, Thomas Keatings, RPG, Ruag Space AB (formerly Saab Ericsson Space) and Com-Dev UK, the team at JCR Systems offers the capability to design, develop, and verify complete microwave radiometers from 18.7 GHz to 1THz for ground, air or space applications.

The extended team embraces all the skills that are necessary: project management, systems engineering covering requirements capture and management, trade-off analyses and verification planning, detailed design, test development and execution as well as post delivery support.


We particularly work closely with science users in all project phases: to refine mission and instrument requirements; to develop design options and undertake trade-offs; to develop and define pre-launch verification requirements and techniques; and to evaluate instrument data obtained during commissioning and operation. In the past this has included working with the Met Office, ECMWF, LERMA, RAL, Technical University of Lulea, University of Southampton and Eumetsat.


AMSU-B 150GHz Courtesy Met Office