Recent Projects

Our most recent activities include:

  • Leading ESA's Definition Study for a Sub-Millimetre-wave Airborne Demonstrator for Observations of Cirrus Cloud and Precipitation, supported by Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL), The Met Office and LERMA
  • The Phase 0 Mission Study for Post EPS : supporting ThalesAleniaSpace as Instrument lead for Microwave Sounding and Ice Cloud Imaging Missions, supported by SEA, MAAS, RAL and SMT Consultancies.
  • Support to Harp Technologies for ESA’s Study of Advanced Calibration Techniques for Post EPS
  • Support to ECMWF on an ESA study on Optimisation of the Oxygen and Water Vapour Sounding Channels' Spectral and Radiometric Requirements for Cross Track and Conically Scanning Radiometers.
  • Support to SEA Ltd on an ESA study for the Definition of an Earth Observation Technology Demonstrator, investigating the feasibility of basing this on a Sub Millimetre-wave Ice Cloud Imager.

European Microwave Sounder for MetOp Second Generation


AMSU-B Channel 20 (183.31±7GHz) showing bright signatures due to Ice Cloud
Courtesy Prof. Stefan Buehler, University of Lulea